• Pioneer unveils navigation system for EVs that helps you drive efficiently

  • pioneer-eco-head-unit.jpg
    Pioneer recently unveiled a vehicle navigation system, specifically meant for electric cars, and is the first company out there in doing so. The head unit called the AVIC-ZH09-MEV sports a fold-out seven inch touchscreen that gives information on the most energy-efficient way, cleverly chalking out routes with enough opportunities for the car to generate some juice for itself, using regenerative breaking and such. So don’t rely on the one to find the shortest and fastest way around. Besides this all, the unit also packs a CD/DVD drive with AAC, MP3 and WMA support, a USB port, SD card reader, 5.1-channel support, AM/FM radio tuner, a 50Wx4 amp, an auxiliary port and Bluetooth.

    Costing about $3,000 this infotainment navigation seems to be a pretty worth-while add-on for your green set of wheels.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 11, 2011