• Peugeot’s 908 Hybrid4 to set the asphalt aflame at the Le Mans

  • Peugeot-908-Hybrid4-1.jpg
    The very looks of this mean –machine on wheels has been giving us the goose-bumps. We jumped out of our skins after reading up the specs! Christened the 908 HYbrid4, this beast rolling out of Peugeot is a diesel-electric hybrid that’ll show up at the Le Mans race. Designed to comply with endurance racing’s latest regulations, the car by the French automotive biggie uses a 3.7-liter diesel V8 with 550 horsepower and a 60 kilowatt (80 horsepower) electric motor powered by regenerative braking. Nestled deep inside is a lithium-ion that stores all the juice to appease this parched beast’s tongue. The electric assist will help keep this ride up ahead, helping around tight bends and at pits. Though not too much of a concern in races like these, hybrid technology could just help save a precious few drops of fossil fuels too!

    This one’s sure to leave its peers in the dust, at least when it comes to eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency while racing. Three cheers for the 908 Hybrid4!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 7, 2011