• Pedal powered Porsche made out of recycled aluminum foil

  • aluminum-foil-pedal_powered_Porsche.jpg
    This Porsche will sure have you pushing the pedal to the metal. Not metal really, make that aluminum foil. Well, this is the world’s greenest Porsche, and the worlds slowest and probably the lightest too. Built out of aluminum foil, cardboard and a cycle cart, this piece of art is currently at display at Museum of Art Linz in Austria. Known as the Ferdinand GT3 RS, this is probably the closest a Porsche has ever come to being a zero-emissions vehicle!

    And yes, it has had its share of test-runs too, on the Salzburgring track, probably the slowest run ever seen on this track. So what powers up this aluminum foil Porsche? Pedal power! Porsches are known to roar and growl with all that horsepower and torque. Well, this one has neither and chooses pedal and human power instead. A great way indeed to put recycled aluminum foil to some real use. Modern art with a set of wheels sure grabs a whole lot of attention, especially when it’s chiseled out of recycled stuff.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 3, 2010