• Pedal-powered Freewheelin’ “buses” make travelling to the Democratic National Convention greener

  • People travelling to the Democratic National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be introduced to a green-as-a-leaf way to get around town using an energy-efficient public transportation system envisioned and developed by the Humana insurance company. Called the Freewheelin’ concept, this pedal-powered mini bus-like vehicle seats eight and works with pedal-power, requiring the travelers to jointly pedal their way to a destination. With “bus-stops” being setup near the convention center, the concept comes into play particularly when visitors wish to head back to their hotels or hop out for lunch. A concept that worked great at the Republican National Convention in Tampa recently, these eco-friendly modes of transport could greener with solar panels propped up on the roof that in turn could be used to juice USB-powered devices!