• Peapod Mobility car unveiled

  • peapod_mobility_car.jpg
    Peapod is such a small little cute object known to mankind. So when the Peapod Mobility was showcased at the New York Auto Show, it attracted a lot of interest and awe. The design is apparently influenced by three things. It is a neighborhood electric vehicle and has all of the benefits and drawbacks that entails: zero emissions, a 25 mph top speed, two-cents a mile estimated running costs, and a 30-mile range. A full charge takes 6-8 hours from a 110V outlet. Its design is also what stands out with its curvy body. Also the entire top is see-through and removable, for example, and all four mesh seats in the rolling prototype we got to spend time with are Aeron-like and greatly increase the spacious feel of the interior. There is a push-button drive/reverse selector and an integrated iPod dock.

    The Peapod will cost $12,000 when it goes on sale.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 21, 2009