• Overhauled Mercedes-Benz ML 350 converted into pure electric

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    Chairman and chief executive of Iceland utility company Northern Lights Energy, Gisli Gislason, was all smiles, being recently handed over the keys to his shiny new electric Mercedes-Benz ML 350. The car had its guts pulled out by Ohio-based Amp Electric Vehicles. These were then replaced with electric-powertrains, making this ML 350 the greenest of its kind. Packing in a 900-pound battery unit, Amp has previously been overhauling Chevrolet Equinox cars and was able to do the same for the ML 350 because of similarities in dimensions. The car is expected to cover a range of a reasonable 100 miles on a single charge, regardless of the fact that it weighs in 2,000 pounds more than the pure electric Nissan Leaf.

    It’s no wonder Gisli Gislason is all so happy with his new ride, given that it’s the greenest one of its type and will serve a lot better than its gasoline counterparts.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 12, 2011