• NYC to have country’s largest bike sharing program

  • NYC.jpgSoon, the Big Apple will have something bigger than just a fruit. New York City will play home to the country’s largest bike sharing program, offering citizens a greener route to commute. The New York City Department of Transportation is busy sending out proposals for the same. The program will include a 24-hour network, 10,000 GPS and wireless-equipped bikes and the best part, 600 solar-powered bike stations. For five years, the program will be paid for by private firms, simply because the city has no funds for it. Traveling short distances on the bike lanes created will be a much greener affair, instead of city dwellers pulling out their cars to cover those few kilometers. Next summer, a two month feasibility test with 30 bikes will begin.

    In two years time, if all goes as planned, NYC might just have the largest functioning bike sharing program in the country!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on November 24, 2010