• Norway to play home to the world’s first electric ferry

  • Norway will soon bring to the waters of the world the first electric ferry that will show up in 2015. A car-carrier that measures in at 262.5-feet long, this catamaran can easily carry 120 cars and 360 passengers. Kicking away the gas-powered engines for two humongous 11-ton electric motors that drive a propeller each, this vessel will make its maiden journey from Lavik to Oppedal.

    What makes this electric ferry a modern day marvel is its charging system. When hooked in, the vessel is capable of charging in 10 minutes! Also, the ferry cruises at 10 knots and requires just 440kw of output for the same. The electric ferry will replace a gas-powered vessel being currently used and will help save nearly 260,000 US gallons of diesel each year.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 15, 2013