• No-fuel, eco-friendly holidaying on bike camper

  • camper_bike.jpg
    Such an adorable idea by artist Kevin Cyr. He built a pedal-powered camper for one person back in April 2008. The camper sits on a modified bike frame with two back wheels and one wheel up front. You can pedal around, moving the camper from place to place. This way, you are keeping those legs, taut and healthy and also having fun. Inside the camper, there is place to feature all amenities. This idea is great for people who want to just one day decide to travel on their own. Also, if you put some thought to it, you could probably make it a two-seater bike and go with your better half. Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly way of holidaying. Very nice.

    The artist even used that in his painting to depict the different shades of this design.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 19, 2009