• Nissan’s New Mobility Concept could make EV car sharing programs a reality

  • Nissan’s-New-Mobility-Concept-1.jpg
    A bug. That’s all that came to our minds first when we saw this cute little vehicle by Nissan. An all-electric New Mobility Concept vehicle, this one keeps its act clean with absolute zero emissions. The New Mobility Concept could just pave the way for car-sharing programs in the future, not conceived yet today, since vehicles like these are hard to come by. With room for just two, the vehicle by Nissan could work great for a two-mode EV car sharing program wherein it could be used as a private commuter vehicle through the day and a corporate car for business hours. The vehicle will work just great for short commutes owing to its maneuverability, small size and clean drive.

    This one’s basically a safer and cleaner option to motorbikes. We’d rather have our roads congested with vehicles like these than those long luxury sedans that just love puffing out pollution!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 2, 2010