• Nissan to sets up 30 solar-powered charging stations at Tennessee facilities

  • Nissan_solar-powered_charging_stations.jpg
    Nissan’s busy clearing ground in Tennessee in an effort to set up 30 solar-assisted charging stations at the Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant and the Nissan Americas headquarters in Franklin, totaling its investments to a whopping $3.5 billion over a course of 30 years in the state. The chargers will begin juicing up electrics owned by Nissan employees and visitors from the 1st of July and are particularly designed to trickle in drops of electricity into Nissan’s own electric, the Leaf. Nissan is trying its level best to decrease its reliance on the electricity grid and this initiative’s a kick-starting point for the attempt.

    And with these chargers making their presence at the plant, we’re pretty sure Nissan employees will soon ditch their gas-guzzlers for electric cars instead, leaving them to juice up while they finish up their day’s shift to ride home in an environment-friendly mode of transport.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 24, 2011