• Nissan to have contactless charging system for future electric vehicles

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    Nissan has announced plans in developing a contactless charging system for electric vehicles at its briefing session, which it will employ for its next generation electric vehicle scheduled to be released in fiscal 2010. This was demonstrated on the “Hyper Mini,” Nissan’s electric vehicle launched in 2000, with the contactless charging system. The system that was developed by Nissan Motor and Showa Aircraft Industry is an electromagnetic induction type, which supplies electric power between a feeding coil and a receiving coil. The rated output is 10kW. Nissan Motor is planing to offer the contactless charging system for the next-generation electric vehicle as an option. And it is considering a 3kW-class system for home use.

    Nissan has been having various plans for the future in hybrid vehicles. Its most awaited model probably would be the Nissan Leaf which is expected to be out in 2010. Earlier this year they also had signed a deal with Aerovironment to bring hundreds of electric vehicles and charging stations to Washington DC. So they are keeping up with all the green boom and on that note I should add, for the Louis Vuitton fans that they were panning to give out free luggage of the brand while choosing to buy a diesel hybrid from Nissan! Yeah, it isn’t such a rude world out there… for the rich that is.

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