• Nissan lines up seven fuel-efficient models to boost car sales

  • nissan-cube-xtrail.jpg
    Now look at this kind country that is taking steps to boost the car demand after the global recession hit the world. Nissan Motor Company unveiled an upgraded lineup of seven fuel-efficient models that will be eligible for Japanese tax breaks and will be sold in Japan from April 23. The company said that ‘the government will carry out the tax breaks to spur domestic demand’’ amid tough market conditions in both Japan and abroad’. The fiscal year of 2009 will hence see sales of units between 30,000 and 40,000.

    The seven models comprise the Cube and four other compact cars, the X-Trail sport utility vehicle powered by a clean diesel engine and the Serena minivan. The fuel efficiency of the latter has been improved from 19.2-19.4 kilometers per liter to 20.0 km.

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