• New fuel injection system helps increase fuel efficiency in hybrid cars

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    Hybrid cars are finding their place in the market and on the roads now with their evergreen and everclean policies. To push this technology further, here’s a new fuel injection system that will help hybrid cars deliver more than the do today. Developed by Transonic Combustion, this system helps increase fuel efficiency by heating and pressurizing gasoline before injecting it into the combustion chamber. This allows for a very fast and clean combustion which decreases the amount of fuel required to power up the vehicle. The system also uses supercritical fluids and does not require a spark to ignite fuel. Heat and pressure helps the fluid combust without the need of a spark.

    The company is currently testing this system with three automakers and plans to set it up in production cars by 2014.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 13, 2010