• New EV charging station unveiled by TVA and the Electric Power Research Institute

  • TVA-charging-station.jpg
    A new way to charge up your EV has just showed up recently developed by the TVA and the Electric Power Research Institute. These might just be one of the reasons you stop on a highway, to charge up. The system packs 12 kilowatts’ worth of solar panels and a battery array with about five kilowatt-hours of storage. It also boasts six parking spots for car charging. The first of these stations showed up in East Tennessee, a research prototype that’ll help find out better ways to charge EVs while out. A second prototype with 25 spaces instead of 6 will pop up at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as part of the EV Project.

    Developments like these just keep making the EV dream a reality, and will help consumers make smarter future choices while buying cars, opting for EVs.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 26, 2011