• Ned Ship Group and STR Europe unveil solar powered electric and hybrid yachts

  • Spending time away from the clutter of our urban lives is the need of the hour for the most of us, with people today looking for better ways to vacation or spend a day off. One of the best modes to recreation and mental relaxation is stepping on a yacht, a sea-faring vessel packed with enough luxury to calm your nerves, like this Zero Emissions Yacht by Ned Ship Group. Self-sufficient, eco-friendly and packed with creature comforts, this yacht is built 20 meters long and sports 4 luxury suites, an owner suite, a large saloon, a full-fledged kitchen, additional rooms for the staff and is topped with carbon-fiber solar cells to power up the yacht itself! Available in yacht or shuttle designs, with the latter capable of being used for luxury mass transit, the Zero Emissions Yacht also sports full-electric (at 10 knots for 6 hours a day) or hybrid serial or parallel dual motorization as per customer requirements!

    With the yachts to be marketed by Ned Ship Group and engineered by French firm STR Europe, a 40 meters long Trimaran Super Yacht was also unveiled sporting dedicated entertainment areas, a retractable pool on the aft deck and a range-extender that gives the yacht a good 4,000nm. Similarly capable of both hybrid serial or parallel motorization based on two or three propellers, this yacht is also capable of using full-electric propulsion at 10 knots for 6 hours a day and is indeed a great way to sail the deep blue!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 23, 2012