• Nash Hoover and son drive across U.S. in human-electric hybrid contraption

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    Looking for a great way to teach your offspring the true value of energy and just how to quit wasting it in their day to day lives? Simply pop them on a human-powered contraption and send them across the United States on a tour! Well, that’s what Nash Hoover came up with when he finally decided to teach his now 13-year-old son just how important it was to conserve energy. A journalist by profession, Nash and junior came up with a lightweight vehicle and set off on a 4,500-mile (7,242 km) journey from Yorktown, Virginia packing an EcoSpeed brushless electric motor and boasting a top speed of 25 mph (40kph). The contraption is limited to a supply of just 2,400 watt-hours per day, about the same amount of energy required to keep a 100W light bulb left on all day.

    Hoover sure has taught his son a great deal in regards to energy conservation with this voyage and is sure to spark an impression in the minds of many they’ve come across on their journey.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 8, 2011