• MTA phases out diesel buses for CNG, hybrids and electrics

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    Using the public transport system in Los Angeles County will now be a much greener affair, taken that the MTA, the Metropolitan Transport Authority is keen on phasing out all its old set of wheels making place for shiny new alternative-fuel powered one’s. The diesel buses will soon be put to rest, as the MTA’s new CNG, hybrid and electricity buses take their places. The last bus to be pulled of the asphalt is a 40-foot long New Flyer purchased in 1998 with 383,180 miles. The operators currently have 2,221 CNG-fueled buses, six hybrid coaches and one electric bus one road, and soon a few more will be introduced.

    A good 80% of particulates have been reduced while 300,000 pounds of Co2 emissions have been slashed with the introduction of these new buses. Here’s bidding the good old diesel buses a happy retirement!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 17, 2011