• Modified Kia Soul by Johnson Controls with lithium ion pack and 100 mile range

  • Johnson-Controls-ie-3-concept-1.jpg
    What do you get when you take the insides out of a Kia Soul and have Johnson Controls load in a bunch of green? An ie:3 of course! JC unveiled the ie:3 at the Detroit Auto Show recently, complete with a six-inch thick 23-kWh lithium ion battery pack to demonstrate the fact that car’s do not need to lose out on any space or creature comforts to go electric. The ie:3 uses a i-ion battery, which features 216 prismatic cells and is so positioned to allow for a flat layout. That’s not all. The ie:3’s seats fold flat too, allowing for enlarged cargo holding spaces. Also, these batteries do not eat out on the range either, with the car capable of going a good 100 miles before sticking out its parched tongue for more juice. Well, if the name has left you wondering, the IE stands for Inspired Efficiency while the 3 stands for the three benefits of this design, delighting buyers, allowing automakers to differentiate their products and expanding sustainability.

    Johnson Controls sure got it all right with the ie:3 Concept, and we just wish we could drive around in one of these.

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