• Mini’s Scooter E Concept electric scooter trio shows up before Paris Motor Show

  • Scooter.jpgWith Smart having released the eScooter, competitors Mini have also pulled the veil of their own trio of electric scooters. These too were to be launched at the Paris Motor Show and have showed up before time! Known as the Mini Scooter E Concept, the three scooters, the Mini E, British Racing Green and the Mod era type scooter are here to grab hearts and all the attention they can. These scooters are driven using a lithium-ion battery that powers up a electric motor mounted in the rear wheel. For now, Mini haven’t given out details on the scooter’s range or performance. It can however be charged up using a home-based socket.

    Neck to neck in competition, Smart and Mini sure are delivering some pretty awesome electric scooters these days!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on September 23, 2010