• Mini and Smart to show off electric scooters at 2010 Paris Motor Show

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    When car makers like Mini and Smart start building electric scooters, it sure means business! The two companies, neck to neck in competition in the small-car market, are now building scooters with electric engines. The two scooters will show up at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, probably baring their teeth and growling at each other. Also, they don’t really have too much of a difference, and share a host of common trends and features like lithium ion batteries with a 60 mile range. These machines sure look mean too! As a plus point, they make sure they leave no ugly carbon footprint behind, letting you enjoy a clean and green ride. Smart have added a peculiar feature to their scooter though, probably from the habit of making cars, airbags. Maybe a seat-belt to keep riders from falling off would help too!

    On a serious note, the scooters for now are concepts, and might or might not show up on roads as regular traffic in future.

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