• Mercedes Benz unveils aerodynamically designed fuel-saving Aero-trailer concept

  • Mercedes-Benz-Aero-Trailer-Concept-1.jpg
    It’s a known fact that those tractor trailers you see rumbling down highways drink more fuel than a couple of average mid-sized cars put together. And this isn’t economical to say the least. Mercedes Benz decided to give those massive rigs a greener touch and unveiled the Aero-trailer concept. Using a front airdam, side trim panels rear diffuser, and a tapered rear design that adds up to an 18 percent reduction in wind resistance, these when coupled with average tractor trailers helps save a whopping 2,000 liters of diesel a year! Also, these aerodynamically designed trailers help pull down carbon emissions too, making tractor trailers greener than they’ve ever been before.

    Couple up a bunch of solar panels on the roof of these and add a couple of batteries to store all that juice and voila! You’ve got yourself a true-green tractor trailer!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 29, 2011