• Mercedes Benz S400 HYBRID and F-CELL for VIP transport at the US Open

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    VIPs and players at the 2010 US Open had a touch of Mercedes Benz’s green commitments, as they rode aboard some clean and green Mercedes-Benz S400 HYBRID sedans and Mercedes-Benz F-CELL (Hydrogen Electric Vehicle powered by a fuel cell) vehicles. 60% of the transportation fleet for the US Open was made up of these green cars. The company provided its F-CELL hydrogen fuel vehicles with zero emissions and 75 S400 HYBRID vehicles, hoping to reduce some of the carbon footprint stamped by the tournament. The US Open has made some pretty green changes over the last three years too, with recycling programs, energy management, composting, and a lot more.

    Talking about Mercedes, the S400 HYBRID uses the world’s first lithium-ion battery designed for automobile use and works a 20-horsepower electric motor and a 275-hp V6 gasoline engine for a fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon. The F-Cell on the other hand goes a whole 240 miles before it requires refueling. Using compressed hydrogen, it just spouts out water from its tail pipe!
    And with that, tennis gets a greener face, thanks to Mercedes Benz’s initiatives.

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