• Magnetic Levitation might replace our power consuming transport routes

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    Instead of moving goods on resource-intensive trains, Spain-based technology company Novateq Guerrero SNL has built a prototype of a different kind of transportation network–one that uses super-powerful magnets to propel vehicles. Magnetic levitation is a system of transportation that propels vehicles, predominantly trains, using magnetic levitation from a very large number of magnets for lift and propulsion. The ride if used by this system is no doubt faster, smoother and quieter as also the power needed for levitation is very less than what would have been required. It’s not that being magnetic in nature there is zero power consumption, but it is very low than what would have otherwise been required. Being very low on the amount of power consumption, the maintenance is also not too high. With only occasional lubrication it is expected to last much longer than the usual transportation system. I personally do not see these completely replacing the normal routes, but still there is scope for its application in private sectors.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 9, 2009