• Magnetic levitating train, the EOL maglev uses solar panels

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    It’s trains all over again. The last time we came across a train out to do some green was Japan’s new high speed rail corridor. Now, designer Vanja Valencak has come up with a train that’s equally fast, and is a lot greener! The EOL magnetic levitating train is as fast as a train can get, designed to shoot through distances at astounding speeds of up to 480kmph. That’s seriously fast and will help shorten distances too. And the best part, this one has a bunch of solar panels up on its roof that soak in the sun and help power up the train’s electricity requirements to some extent, making it cost effective and efficient.

    Sleek and beautifully designed with all the right aerodynamic curves to reduce wind resistance and make this one faster, the EOL maglev train is sure a better way to travel to work, and by the looks of it, everyone might just leave behind their cars for a daily breathtaking ride on this one.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 22, 2011