• Made-in-China electric cars to zoom off on the streets of Canada

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    Following closely in heels of the post of the F3DM car made specifically by China for China only, today it is time to know that Canadians too can drive electric cars flaunting the made-in-China tag. Changan Automobile has teamed up with Electrovaya to roll out 30 electric cars in Canada before the year 2008 comes to an end. Though the F3DM couldn’t qualify to the standards of North America and also other parts of the globe, once this new green vehicle hit the roads of Canada it will honored as the first Chinese vehicle to enter the North American market.

    Based on Changan’s already-on-the-roads car Ben Ben, this new car is fitted with an Electrovaya powertrain. about 30 such electric cars will be assembled and distributed in Canada. However in the near future, Changan intends to develop the made-in-China clean energy cars on its own and ship them to the North American continent.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 6, 2008