• London Garden Concept for a Car-free zone

  • london_garden-bicycle-1.jpg
    Marten Wallgren and three of his friends studying at the Royal College of Art and won the prestigious SeymourPowell award for their innovative concept, the London Garden. This concept was created as part of the Future City Mobility competition which encourages designers to envision how London’s transportation could look in 2030. The London Garden incorporates a network of electric buses, taxis, and scooter-bikes, all of which interconnect to make London Garden a car-free zone. Wallgren and his friends have incorporated the use of foldable bikes which operate in three modes. The first is the normal biking mode, the second mode is the exercise mode where the resistance in the pedals is used generate and store electricity. The third mode uses this stored power and turns the bike into an electric scooter.

    The innovation doesn’t end there. These bikes can also be folded and stored on top of tree like structures which double as bus stops. These bikes are meant for community use and these cycle racks also generate power from rainwater, sun and wind. These bikes can also be carried on-board the electric buses and taxis and once docked inside, they also double as seats. The stores energy is then used to power the electric bus and is credited as currency towards your fare. Imagine the amount of cash you’ll save if this concept really takes off.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 27, 2009