• Lockheed Stratoliner flies longer, higher and cleaner

  • stratoliner1.jpg
    Aviation today requires a serious punch of energy efficiency, and airplane –makers and operators around the globe are striving hard to erase off carbon footprints with the help of technology available off market shelves today. In the future, designer William Brown envisions an airplane like none other ever seen before, inspired by the Bar Tailed Godwit bird, one known to fly record breaking distances non-stop. Called the Lockheed Stratoliner, this aircraft uses oversized wings and four Cryogenic Hydrogen Turbofan engines that enable it to fly to higher altitudes, and well, stay there for long!

    With zero emissions whatsoever, this could be the answer to circumnavigating the earth, non-stop, up in the air!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 21, 2011