• JARI Launches “C-ta” – a Lightweight 3-seater EV

  • JARI-lightweight-EV1.jpg
    Automobile industry seems to be busy developing different kinds of small electric vehicles for fuel crunched future. JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) has launched “C-ta” which is a 3-seater electric vehicle and is extremely light weight. There is no mention of much ‘green’ technology such as solar panels to charge the batteries but electric vehicles themselves are quite green because they are not fuel guzzlers and carbon emitters. They mention body is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) which explains light weight and can run 125 km when fully charged. This could be ideal to drive around within city.

    World’s most cities are highly populated and polluted – arterial roads of the cities are totally choked and so are lungs of the people. There has been spate of manufacturing of small cars but small electric cars are most suitable for our urban woes for they help reduce carbon footprint too. Also being 3-seater it will find many small family buyers. One really hopes these EVs are affordable and they will replace old polluting vehicles.
    Via Tech-On