• IVECO design OEX overland truck with solar panels

  • oex-b.jpg
    The OEX designed by Hamid Reza Bekhradi has revolutionized the future of “overland trucks” currently which are used for touristic expeditions. This concept vehicle, designed by Fiat Professional design center and IVECO styling office, mainly focuses on offering improved visibility to the passengers by including features such as a big porthole, panoramic seats facing the sides and an extendible lateral balcony with built-in binoculars. Its main feature, however, is the availability of a “series-hybrid system” assisted by a diesel generator which puts this vehicle in the category of Range Extended Electric vehicles. It consists of a canopy made up of flexible solar cells which opens up when the vehicle has stopped for camping. This canopy of solar cells creates a shadow around the vehicle while the electric drivetrain of the OEX is charged by the sun’s energy.

    The OEX will be available in two versions. Version A will be able to carry 12-15 passengers and will be used for small expeditions while version B will be able to carry up to 20 passengers and camping equipment. Both the versions have two variants namely; “All-Terrain” and “Arctic (OEX-A)/African (OEX-B)”.

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