• IKEA Leko Concept – Eco-friendly and economical car rumored

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    When Ikea quotes ‘affordable solutions for better living’, it actually means it for almost every product on their shelves. Be it a home improvement products or an automobile, the company sticks to its motto of rendering affordable yet stylish and functional products. If you are re-reading the last sentence to understand whether the mention of automobile was an error, then hold on as it could be absolutely real. I trust the rumor mills with the latest buzz about IKEA’s new environmentally friendly car called the LEKO. Since there is no official information about IKEA’s green vehicle, here is what Jalopnik reports – Designed by Christophe Grozs, the car is a modular design which can operate as a coupe or as a convertible, and has the full backing of the World Wildlife Fund France. Wait and watch is all I can suggest at this moment, as it is intended to be unveiled on April 1st. I sincerely hope that this isn’t some cruel fool’s day joke.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 24, 2009