• i-Cool, a solar powered air-conditioning system for trucks

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    Truckers usually spend long hours on the road in their rigs. Driving down those never ending dusty highways with the sun blazing on your back isn’t all that a pleasant experience. To keep their drive cool, most trucks are equipped with air-conditioning systems. Well here’s a cleaner and greener way to keep the air in truck cabs cooled, and air-conditioning system powered by the sun. Developed jointly by ICL Co Ltd, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp and Nippon Fruehauf Co Ltd, the system is essentially an idling-stop air conditioning system that uses photovoltaic (PV) batteries. Known as the “i-Cool”, the system involves the mounting of PV cell modules on a trucks container. Using an air-conditioning system like i-Cool in a stationary truck could help save about 1.8L of oil per hour.

    With a bunch of potentialities, the i-Cool system is sure to catch on. We’d like to see a few solar panels atop buses too!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 1, 2010