• IceKart – The Solar powered ice-cream cart

  • solar-powered-icekart.jpg
    Dehydrated? Feel the heat biting through your skin? Need an ice-cream? Well here’s a great way to spread the ice in scorching summers. Powered up using solar energy, the IceKart irks the sun by using its resources to spread cool treats. The IceKart is fitted with solar panels on the top that soak in the heat and generate electricity. This electricity is used to power up the cart’s refrigerators that store your favorite iced delight.

    Its eco-friendly efficient qualities and design make the IceKart great for use during seasons like these when the sun tries to prove its heated point. Its two huge rear wheels and jolly design will also grab a whole lot of attention, from kids and adults alike. Freeze the heat with the IceKart!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 6, 2010