• IBM to develop lithium-air for EVs with 500 miles worth of range

  • Nissan_Leaf_aan_Amsterdamse_laadpaal-580x386.jpgElectric cars today seem to have stuck to the 100 mile range, with few concepts managing to push these barriers ahead. Now, IBM has begun work on Lithium-air batteries that could very well extend the range of electric cars to 500 miles! Using carbons instead of metal oxides, these batteries are a lot lighter than lithium-ion batteries of the same size and use oxygen, without the need to store fuel. Also, these batteries have been known to have shorter lives, because of which most car developers shouldered them away. With IBM at the forefront, working on extending battery life, we’re pretty sure electric cars will go farther in future!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on January 9, 2012