• Hyundai’s Sonata Hybrid is green at heart!

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    Vying for the title of ‘the most fuel-efficient automaker on the planet’, Hyundai flaunted its Blue Drive hybrid powertrain at the recent 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show. Unlike the other counterparts, this powertrain uses third generation battery technology to power up the engine. Teaming up with LG Chem, the automaker has developed lithium polymer batteries for its hybrid powertrain. Since it is estimated that Lithium battery technology has greater power density, Hyundai’s battery pack promises to deliver the same power while taking up half the space of a nickel metal hydride battery pack.

    Hyundai’s hybrid system uses a 30 kilowatt electric motor and a 2.4-liter four cylinder engine. The power management module helps such a combination to work in harmony with each other. The gas engine will shut down when the car is stopped and when the driver presses the accelerator, the car starts moving under electric power. Its only when the car needs extras thrust, that the gas engine pumps out more energy.
    Folks in U.S can watch out for these hybrid powertrains in Sonata Hybrids slated for 2010.

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