• Hyundai Aebulle, a three-wheeled electric vehicle by designer Shane Baxley for a greener way to commute

  • Hyundai-aebulle-concept2.jpg
    Well, here’s a vehicle you’ve probably have never heard of, thought of, or dreamed of before. At first, it seems to be a futuristic contraption right out of a sci-fi movie, all ready to take off into space. It won’t by flying though, at least for now. What it can do, is quickly commute travelers to their destination without taking up all the space a usual four wheeler does. Known as Aebulle, this vehicle was designed by Shane Baxley for Hyundai and is inspired by cocoons. That’s where it gets its name from, meaning cocoon in Korean. The three-wheeled contraption uses a lean function to turn and made up of a magnesium frame and aluminum oxynitride glass.

    The Aebulle’s gas and break pedals hang from the steering column and adjusts to the driver’s position. To enter, the steering column of the vehicle lifts up with the glass cockpit. And if you’re still wondering what interested us the most, it’s the lithium ion batteries. The vehicle powers up using electricity with electric motors inside each of the three wheels. We’d sure love to see this one on our roads soon.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 18, 2010