• Hydrogen fuel-cell powered ATV with rear tracks, the TrakRok

  • Trakrok_Hydrogen_fuel-cell_powered_ATV_1.jpg
    Quad bikes were bound to go electric sooner or later. Designer Alexei Mikhailov’s design, the TrakRok takes the cake when it comes to eco-friendly environment-loving off-road all-terrain vehicles. Using an independent track just like a snowmobile, instead of the usual two rear wheels quad bikes sport, this concept ATV packs two high-power electric motors that keep its wheels spinning. Be it snow or mud, the TrakRok conquers all, using renewable energy form a hydrogen fuel-cell system that keeps the electric motors juiced up and running. Made from anodized aluminum, this one boasts a light weight ribbed exoskeleton.

    And that evil glint in its eye assures us that this green-energy-powered beast can ride up just about any terrain! And all this while, skeptics have claimed electric vehicles to be slow-moving neighborhood rides.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 24, 2011