• Hybrid Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry uses solar and wind energy to power up

  • Ferry-boats have never been the cleanest way to travelling by sea, more often than not relying on gasoline to power up, which in turn chokes our environment and eco-system. As an answer to all these woes, Sauter Carbon Offset Design has just unveiled a fabulously green way to travel by sea called the Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry. Sporting a PV exoskeleton and turbine props to generate energy which in turn is used immediately, stored in batteries or if in excess returned to the grid, this vessel also sports 0.5MW UPS and automated Dynawing sails which enable the boat to travel at speeds of 12 knots without stamping a carbon footprint. And that’s not all. To keep this one going after sunset, the vessel also packs two Duramax V8 Hybrid Eco Marine Propulsion motors, the greenest marine engines around. Measuring 25 meters in length, the Greenline ferry helps reduce GHG emissions by nearly 5,000 tons in 10 years and is an eco-friendly way to sea-travelling.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 27, 2012