• How to turn your Toyota Prius into an eco-friendly home for just $150!

  • homemade-motorhome-priusLiving in a car is a great idea, particularly if you’ve been calling your RV a ‘car’ all along. However, living in a Toyota Prius isn’t something you’d want to indulge in for more than an afternoon, right? James Lawler thinks differently, and greener too. A landscaper from Torquay, Australia, Lawler has converted the back of his eco-friendly Prius into a home. While this might seem to be an expensive affair that requires the expertise of an automobile expert, Lawler decided to take things into his own hands, building his home-on-wheels for less than $150!

    While his Prius home doesn’t really look all that eye-catching and is a little shabby, we do like the thought that went into this project. Using salvaged materials like a tin roof, a chimney, stained glass window, and even a windchime, Lawler has managed to turn his eco-friendly car into a contraption that turns heads everywhere he goes. “I would like to build a caravan along the same style but a bit more water tight,” stated Lawler.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 23, 2015