• Honda’s fuel efficient and well designed jet to go on sale next year

  • Honda’s-fuel-efficient-jet.jpg
    No longer will Honda’s be limited to traveling on land. Not with the company stepping closer towards unveiling its very own jet. And here’s the best part, this jet by Honda is fuel efficient and eco-friendly! The jet uses 20% less fuel than its peers and flies faster too. The light jet will enter market shelves next year, and can seat five to six passengers. Using composite materials, combinations of carbon fiber and resins for construction, this one makes sure its as light as a jet can get, keeping away the extra pounds. The materials used for this one has also enabled Honda to shape it uniquely, with the engines above the wings, instead of being located below the fuselage, decreasing drag at higher speeds.

    For now, the composite materials used for the Honda jet haven’t found their place on business jets, though we’re pretty sure they will in future, taken their advantages.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 7, 2011