• Honda develops conceptual home-based recharging station powered by solar panels

  • Honda-conceptual-home.jpg
    We’ve heard of a few automobile companies like Honda, GM, Toyota and Mercedes developing residential hydrogen-refueling stations. Here’s a closer look into what Honda are working on. Owning a Honda hydrogen-powered automobile, like the FCX Clarity can be a bit stressful, taken that refueling hydrogen powered cars is indeed a pain in the backside. Well, Honda completely understands that, and is working hard on developing a refueling station that you could set up in your garage in future. The conceptual home-based recharging station uses a six-kilowatt solar array to power an electrolyzer that splits water molecules into hydrogen atoms.

    Give the system eight hours of direct sunlight, and Poof! It generates half-kilogram of hydrogen, that’s enough to push your FCX for a sweet 30 miles. This might work out a bit too expensive on our pockets, if we do plan to set up one of these. Give it a few years, and the system sure is set to receive a better response. Well done Honda!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 8, 2010