• Honda designs zero-emission, single passenger vehicle

  • Honda_3R-C_Concept.jpg
    The Honda 3R-C concept, designed by Honda to be displayed in the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, is an example of Honda’s efforts to provide a vehicle for zero emission travel. The 3R-C, which has competitors like the Toyota i-foot, i-unit, and i real as well as the Suzuki Pixy, is powered by an electric drivetrain which is mounted low to lower the centre of gravity to improve ride quality. Though the 3R-C is designed mainly to enable zero-emission travel, the normal creature comforts required are not neglected in any way. It consists of a glass covering which serves as a top while the vehicle is parked and as a windshield while it is moving. It also has a lockable cargo space which can be used to store anything from groceries to luggage.

    Considering the rate at which energy demands are growing and resources are depleting, using an electric will no longer be an optional thing in the near future.

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