• Honda Air Concept car powered by compressed air

  • Honda-Air-Concept-car-1.jpg
    Ever thought of driving a roller-coaster around? Well, maybe this one lacks the drops and loops, but the experience of driving the Honda Air Concept might just seem the same! The concept vehicle by Honda, inspired by roller-coasters, was sketched out for the 2010 LA Design Challenge by the Honda Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, CA. using compressed air and a pneumatic regulator system to power up, the Honda is lightweight and weighs just 800 pounds. Packed with turbo vacuums and an external air-flow that help it increase its range for about 100 miles, the Honda Air Concept seats four, using vegetable-based polymer body panels and fairings. Using a hub-less wheel and drive system, this one chucks the need for heavy drive train components and boasts glass reinforced seating panels, urethane tire composition and skeletal sub-frame components.

    A wind powered car is just what we’ve been looking forward to for the future, and Honda’s Air Concept sure seems to exceed expectations!

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