• Helix takes the wraps off its world’s smallest and lightest folding bike

  • helix-folding-bikeThe concept of foldable bikes is a great one, but the ones available in the market are not so good. Most of them are heavy, uncomfortable to ride because of their small wheels. The worst thing about them can be that they don’t fold so small. But, Helix is one foldable bike different than the rest. It is world’s smallest folding bike, it can be folded down to the size of its wheels. The wheels of helix pivot on helical hinges which makes it possible for the front and the rear wheel to be folded besides the frame and between the cranks. The wheels are 24 inches and once the cycle is folded completely, Helix measures 23 × 25 × 9 inches. Helix is also very light weighing just 9.5 kg. The body is made up of titanium which makes it very durable and corrosion resistant.

    The best thing about Helix is that it is so easy to fold and unfold. To ensure high quality and safety, Helix will be hand made in Toronto. The smart and snazzy Helix will be taking help of Kickstarter campaign to raise its funds. If you pledge for it, you can get one for $1,199. The retail price once it hits the stores will be $1,499.



    [Via – Inhabitat]

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