• Hamburg’s hydrogen powered bus fleet uses wind to produce hydrogen

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    You may have come across hydrogen-powered hybrid buses like the Mercedes-Benz Citaro before. Well, the Hamburg hydrogen bus fleet is sure going to kick up a storm with its hydrogen-powered buses, powered by the wind. Though difficult to produce, transport and put to use on a wider scale today, hydrogen no doubt is a much cleaner option than gasoline, especially when it comes to heavy-drinking buses that at times think them-selves to be smog machines. And then again, it’s expensive too. Battery power is a cheaper option, cleaner than gasoline but not enough to make hydrogen bow out. So, the Hamburg buses that use hydrogen to make their wheels spin around and their engine roar have a novel way of producing it, wind power. And no, these do not emit disgusting smoke out of their rear ends, choosing a cleaner and greener emission of water instead.

    With the world slowly turning into a polluted wreck, especially in crowded cities, these buses could be an added relief with a green shade. After all, mass transit works best when people leave their cars home, and a green fleet like this could be a dream come true!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 13, 2010