• GT Crossover, another electric concept sports car in the making

  • GT_Crossover_1.jpg
    Another student of Coventry University, studying Transport Design has presented a remarkable sports car concept. This students name is Sam Johnson and with the GT Crossover concept car, he has taken the Sport Utility Vehicle segment into a new territory. Johnson understood that most SUV’s today rarely leave the concretized roads of the city and drive on the rough terrain they are originally made for and the GT is made with this in mind. The GT Crossover is powered by electricity and each charge will cost as little as $5 per week. Even the design is unique with a tandem formation two seater on the right side of the car and the left side converted to storage, large enough to fit a pair of surfboards. This electric car uses a 190 horsepower motor. It’s a powerful electric car with a drop dead gorgeous design. Hope they start making these is bulk soon.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 6, 2009