• Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior III ship to use wind energy more efficiently

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    Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior III will sail the seas soon, with a better use of the wind. Now the Rainbow Warrior III is a warrior ship as it fights for a cause, to save our dying environment. Greenpeace have ordered the masts, booms, deck equipment, hydraulic systems and other necessities to get the ship sailing from Rondal. The sailing beauty on seas will make its first journey on Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary next year. The ship is currently being chiseled into place at the Fassmer Shipyard in Germany. Designed by Dijkstra and Partners, the Rainbow Warrior III is fitted with two 45-metre high A-frame masts made of recycled aluminum that will carry the ships five hydraulically furling sails. This will help harness the winds energy to the fullest and set the vessel sailing. The Greenpeace organization makes sure no fossil fuels are used and the wind energy is exploited instead to get the Rainbow Warrior III across seas.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 28, 2010