• Green hybrid yachts with higher efficiencies by Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marin

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    Now green yachts have been spotted sailing before, calmly cruising around, without causing any harm to the environment whatsoever. We’ve seen the Azure and the Green Voyager yachts before that keep their acts clean. Now hybrid yachts go greener and boast higher efficiencies, like the duo unveiled by Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marin. The two concept yachts offer lower noise levels and lower carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions with efficiency scales pushed up. The yachts use the Intec Marine hybrid propulsion concept and measure 27-metres and 34-metres respectively. With the electric propulsion setup by Voith (ILJ850) and two generators, these yachts will keep emission levels as low as possible.

    Also, during building, care will be taken to follow greener manufacturing procedures that will match up to RINA marine green star design certifications. Three cheers for a truly green way to cruise the waters.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 22, 2011