• GoGreen 1.2kW Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station a self contained solar solution

  • GoGreen_solarev_charging_station.jpg
    The Coulomb Technologies Smartlet Networked Charging Station family consists of a series of rugged, aesthetically pleasing, smart plug-in vehicle charging stations designed specifically for the ChargePoint Network. The CT1000 and CT2000 GoGreen 1.2kW Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations work in conjunction with the ChargePoint NOS to form a smart charging infrastructure for the plug-in electric vehicles. The combination enables charging revenue subscriptions and grid load energy policy administration services. Additionally, the networking capabilities can produce a revenue stream for municipalities, corporations and parking lot owners while providing convenient charging locations for electric vehicle owners.

    The GoGreen 1.2kW Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network has been designed with an open, standards-based architecture. Drivers who are members of other charging systems will be able to use their authorization smart cards at any ChargePoint networked charging station just like they can roam between cell phone networks.

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