• Goblin Motors roll out human powered goblin vehicles for in-town driving

  • human_powered_goblin_vehicles.jpg
    Come February and you can find green wheeled goblins on the roads on America! No I am not narrating any fairy tale and the goblins I am referring to are the human powered vehicles from Goblin Motors. All set to come alive in the coming month, these single seater, human powered vehicles are known as velomobiles. American can now commute to work using their own power or use the power assist and arrive without even breaking a sweat! The GoblinAero and the GoblinRAMPAGE are based on the bicycle technology and high tech aerodynamics engineering to serve as the most eco-friendly personal vehicle of the time. Users can simply cruise through town using the engine or use the pedals to take advantage of their powerful muscular legs. Sporting an ergonomic seating position, the upholstered seat also comes with an adjustable seat back for uber comfort.

    The highlight of such vehicles is that many states eliminate the need of license or registration for them. The Aero is already up for sale for $6,000-$7,000 while the big brother Rampage will hit the roads in the summer for a heated price range of $7,000-$8,000.